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Just because I didn't smile when I saw you
Didn't mean I wasn't smiling because of you

Just because I couldn't hold your hand
Didn't mean I didn't want too

And just because I couldn't always tell you everything
Didn't mean I didn't like you

Even though I couldn't always look you in the face
Didn't mean you didn't make my heart sing

But now every time you look my way
I remember all the pain you bring

Remember how, on that one night
I asked you if I could trust you

Your answer filled me with delight
But then you went and reminded me how I can never trust again

And despite how much I hate it
how very much I hate it

Once I love somebody I never stop loving them

So when you consider looking my way
When you think of speaking my name

Always remember you are the guy who left the girl with green eyes
Standing there hiding the pain.
Thank-you for reminding me why I've never trusted anyone before, and why I won't again.

--Being on my mind for awhile and it's about time I wrote it.
ArishaHatake Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
cool poem. 
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